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are without power. >> and baltimore is lepping a hand to new jersey in the aftermath of sandy. we are sending two ambulances and a total of five emergency responders. the crews showed up before four at public training safety academy on northern parkway to pack up with emergency supplies. they are going to atlantic city new jersey. they expect to spend the next seven to ten days helping victims. >> three hour ride, really hits home. it's how close sandy came to hitting us. charlie took that ride north to show us how lucky we are. >> reporter: charlie with you here. reporting in atlantic city. it took the full force of sandy and we are here to give you the idea of how maryland was spared from this monster storm and who better than someone who rode it out here in atlantic city. john is with us here. i'm assuming you and your wife maybe rode it out from a couple floors up. >> of course. kitchen, bedroom, floors,. >> reporter: -- everybody says get out, get out. people can't get in. >> there was a couple things. we have our own generator. we had power. we had the gas companies, always working.
of hurricane sandy and were on hand helping families impacted by the nor'easter. meanwhile there are about 50 union employees who support blood drive operation. their contract negotiations have stalled. we're told that the wages are the major stick point. this notice couldn't have come at a worse time. >> we lost 370 blood drives. 12,000 units of blood have gone uncollected. it's not the time nor the place to be notifying us of an intent to strike. >> if they don't reach an agreement by november 16th, they will walk. they have some 900 union employees who will help out. >>> you will be spending an awful lot of time at the mall and holiday shopping makes you feel hungry but are those food courts a clean place to grab a bite? >> you expect food court restaurants to be clean but we wanted to know for sure. tonight at 1 1-rbgs abc2 news -- 11, abc2 news investigators take you inside the malls. we looked at records to see if any have pests that want to show -- share your food. >> rodent and roach infestations, generally doesn't cause major public health problems, other than gross. >> it's just gro
said a 53-degree shiest in temperature -- shiest shift in temperatures along with hurricane sandy caused a breach in the ground. >> there's a hole in one of the old lines. where they found the break was in the bottom. evidently over the years it has been working and working and working and spinally got to -- finally got to this point. >> reporter: traffic was diverted to both interstate 95 and route one. >> an inconvenience having to come 95 to havre de grace and get off way up on the hill and come into town. >> reporter: locals say the detour only cost them about 10 minutes. mayor dougherty said even though it impacted the morning commute, motorists took it in stride. >> no complaints. >> reporter: for all of the inconvenience for commuters. it appears the water main break had no impact on any of the residents in the area. no one lost water service. reporting in havre de grace, jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> workers completed their work a few hours taig and the -- ago and the road has been reopened. >>> a water main break in the city closed an elementary school. water started gushing
main break. here we are fresh off sandy and a raging river right down charles street. >> tonight we've got live team coverage with joce sterman and rosie leftwich. how bad is it out there? >> reporter: nine hours after this first started, water is still flowing on charles street. you see the bpw crews are in a holding pattern. >> reporter: take a look behind me. the water is coming down. let me show you a picture of what happened earlier. it started at 7:30 at 20th and charles. a 60-inch main was built in the 1920s and put in the ground. water was rolling down like the susquehanna. water up there in inches -- water should be measured in feet in some of the basements in the buildings. bus routes have been affected. transportation has been affected. city officials say it will be a long time before they get this cleaned up. one of the things they have to worry about the gas and utilities. >> we may consider, if you will, a rerouting of natural gas if we have to, to ensure that the line that is in the affected area is not compromised. >> we ask people to be patient. this is a cross road
superstorm sandy and laura brennan is one of the many. she lives in long island. her home was overtaken with water and repairs had to be done. after more than two weeks she said she handle others feel forgotten. >> why are we not part of the community. we're still here. >> some are turning their anger into action by suing long island power and light. now they are making their move. there is some action. the acting chief officer has resigned. he handed it down late tuesday, the same day that the governor, andrew cuomo said he is launching an investigation. >>> while families work to rebuild after sandy, some are scouring the streets looking for their lost four-legged friends. the water rose so quickly that families had no time to react. the teams are going street by street in staten island trying to save pets. >> many of them suffer from stress. some of the cats have flood their urine. some had exturnal -- external wounds. >> animals are placed in foster care until the owners can get back home. >>> you have to love the dave matthews band. not only is their music great, so is their spirit
night football. >>> it has been a week since superstorm sandy struck new york and new jersey. more than 1 1/2 million are still without power. fema is setting up goes distributions to try to get fuel to people. most of the students in new york did go back to school today, although the trip put an added strain on the transit system that isn't completely yet back online. >>> the rebuild is capturing the hearts of many marylanders as don harrison tells us one group is getting behind first responders. >> reporter: john williams run has facebook page dedicated to anne arundel first responders. >> these guys are working until they drop up there. figure we would do what we can to help them guys. >> while first responders are out helping the hurricane victims, their families are home alone and in many cases without eat. john wants marylanders to drop off blankets, clothes, secure solutions, lock and key. he plays in a local band called pass pasadena. he thought this would be good to give back. >> people that we know who live up there won't be able to get back to the house for six to eight month
. most analysts point to hurricane sandy as this year's october surprise. >> this race was and has been always close, and it has had a slight electoral advantage for the president, but has had a slight popular vote advantage for mitt romney. that has changed in the last few days. >> reporter: the president is doing some media interviewing, and playing a little basketball, and of course he'll address thousands of supporters tonight or tomorrow morning. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney continues to blaze a campaign trail. romney even squeezed in two campaign appearances while the rest of the country voted. >> reporter: mitt and ann romney cast their ballot this morning, hoping republicans in key swing states do the same. head out for final push in pennsylvania and ohio, he was brimming with confidence about his chancing in the buckeye state. >> feel good about ohio. >> reporter: they need to overcome president obama's advantage among early voter. a three point edge has been shown among them according to one poll. romney is hoping that his pennsylvania and ohio visits turn
but they did, thanks to a very courageous grandpa. >> we're looking at newages of how bad hurricane sandy hit. >>> a car runs a stop sign and slams into an suv, sending it flying into the air with a woman and child trapped inside. this happened in milwaukee. he was inside watching tv when he said it felt like two tranes coliegd. he and others rushed out to help. that's when this grandfaghtd are of 14 heard the small -- grandfather of 14 heard the small child. >> started working with her. >> paramedics said it is amazing that everyone survived with cut and bruises. >>> here's that new video. water pouring inside of subway tunnels caused by hurricane sandy. this was released by the new york, new jersey port authority. services has been suspend nearly three weeks after the storm. that's because the equipment was destroyed and has to be replaced. >>> and why this man didn't wait for warmer weather bay hitchhiking through canada. mark mcintyre stripped down to his draws to raise money and awareness for testicular cancer. his plan is to hitchhike. others are donating to his cause. he is a testicula
. >> thank you. >> its been over two weeks since sandy devastated states to the north. >> today the president heard pleas for help from people still in the dark, still without their homes and where more relief could be on the way. >> and mysterious objects over the mile high city. . >>> you won't believe it but this police officer survives this crash. the officer is walking back to his squad car when a truck driving by swerves and hits the cruiser parked on the side of the road. the officer managed to make it into his cruiser. amazingly only had a few strained muscles and bumps and bruises. police are investigating what caused the driver to crash. and a plane on the side of the road. it happened in california. a small plane had engine trouble so the pilot landed onto the highway. remember a couple years ago we had a traffic helicopter -- a traffic plane that landed on 795. the road stayed open afterred landing though traffic was slow. a safety inspector arrived the plane went back into the air. look at this. >> a mysterious object has been spotted over the skies of the mile
's tonight at 11:00. >>> we continue to see the damage from hurricane sandy in new york and new jersey. >> one community here is still hurrying. we head to chrisfield to check on clean up efforts and finds out how you can help. >> black friday is coming up quickly. if you want the good deals, start shopping with your turkey hangover. we will explain why. >>> are you ready for the 2016 presidential race? names you may see on the presidential ticket. >>> take a look, it's 52 in town, it's all about a warming trend for the weekend in to next week. the forecast is coming up on the 5:30edition of abc2 news at 5:00.
be worse for the folks up north. they're still trying to clean up after superstorm sandy but there is some sign of progress. people will no longer have to ration gas. >> we will end odd even gas distribution starting at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. so 6 a.m. tomorrow morning we will lift odd-even for the 12 northern counties and go back to the normal system in new jersey. you'll note i think our early imposition cut down on the lines,ing a dpra vaition, potential for violence and others have followed suit. >> governor christie said lawsuits have been filed for hiking up prices. >>> investigators are scratching their head after a house explodes killing two. >> there was absolutely no hint anything was wrong before the explosion. >> reporter: what was once a home has been reduced to charred spline teres and debree. investigators are trying to figure out why this house in suburban indianapolis exploded, killing two and damaging 80 surrounding homes. it caused $3. 6 million in damage. >> the survey indicated there are no gas leaks in the area. however, we've got a lot more investigation to do. >>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11